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Pastor Shirley Appreciation Day 

Thank You

Thank You

This pastor poem says, "Thank you," for the gentle way our pastors walk with us through good times and bad.

For all the times you walked with me
And gently held my hand,
The times you stopped to answer why,
To help me learn and understand.
Each time I fall or stumble, you
Reach out to me and lift me up to stand.
You are there in good times,
Even though I forget to thank you.
You are there in bad times,
To pick me up and see me through.
Thank you Pastor for being there
To make each day brand new.

by Judy Crowe


Music Artists 

Jazz Service -The 3rd Sunday of every month

Olive Ave Jazz Band leads the music during Worship with their own jazz flair.

Their CD is available for purchase.

Mother's Day Tea Party

in May

Fall Festival 


Bake Sale